Episode 37

Published on:

21st Feb 2022

Season 2 Bonus Microgreen packaging

This is the girl who can assist your product in becoming even better in your customers fridge.

Christa​ Biggs  Manager of Business Development Aptar Food + Beverage ‑ Food Protection christa.biggs@aptar.com 

As far as all the other blah blah things dont worry about it.

If you want access into the Florida IMGA to use the bulk of our content you can join as a micro starter www.imgaflorida.org but also email me so I can help you note where there is a difference and help you get the right stuff for your area https://www.imgaflorida.org and email me at lisa@imgaflorida.org

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My name is Lisa Welsh and I co-own Vitality Farms Company a microgreens farm in Lakeland, FL. l I started my farm and my show around the same time so you are going to get the honor of learning all the things with me about growing and eating microgreens. Our mission is clear we are going to change the way the world eats its veggies. No fear this won't be long or drawn out. I am originally a northerner so I talk fast, real fast, and since I am showing up as me well grab seat belt and come along and join me as I figure this out on the fly :-)

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We’re  Vitality Farms Company: a family-owned and operated urban microgreen farm. Our mission is to change the way the world eats vegetables! We believe all humans should have an ample supply of nutrients at their fingertips.