Everything you ever wanted to know about Microgreens

Microgreens are vegetable greens harvested just after the cotyledon leaves have developed. They are grown or purchased by people focused on nutrition, or else are used as both a visual and flavor component. People use colorful microgreens to enhance the attractiveness and taste of their dishes with distinct delicate

Episode 14

Published on:

1st Aug 2020

Episode 13

Published on:

23rd Jul 2020

Episode 12

Published on:

2nd Jul 2020

Episode 11

Published on:

18th Jun 2020

Episode 10

Published on:

11th Jun 2020

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Lisa Welsh

Lisa and James have been married since 2014. They were both born and raised in Wisconsin and James is a avid Packers fan. James is a serial entrepreneur, and Lisa having a MBA decided to take the leap together and start a micro green business because they desired to get their health on track.

We launched Vitality Farms Company and have been supplying customers and restaurants with high quality microgreens. We have just launched a podcast to try and inform people on all the things with microgreens.

Our mission: to provide vegetable confetti to the everyday consumer and change the way people think about eating their veggies.